day 39

bridge of hope in haj yousif...


homeless kids at the drop-in center in haj yousif

day 38

tuti island

day 37

women from darfur in khartoum

day 36

this is NOT nevada dessert in carlifornia

day 35

day 33

Ibrahim at the horse racing track

day 31

day 30

booming khartoum

day 29

kids peaking over the wall of jabron idp camp

the nile

the merging of the blue and white nile in khartoum, is metaphoric for the present life in the capital of merges also the lives of the people from all over sudan; nuba mountains, darfur, south, east, arabs, africans, christians, muslims, animists etc...

day 27

haboub night in amarat

day 26

africa rd.


hi al monsura, bridge of hope in al haj yousif is a drop-in center for boys living on the street...they stay here for refuge and rest and of course to play football...